External Walling Systems

At PX Store, we offer a broad range of external wall renders, which have been successfully established over many years. Use one of our high-performance renders to protect the exterior of new build homes and existing properties.

What is external wall render?

External wall render is the process of covering the outside of a building with a protective coating. Applied directly to the masonry, external wall render can be used to weatherproof, waterproof, and damp-proof buildings. Suitable for use on old properties and new homes, external wall render can also be used as a decorative coating, with paint applied once the coating has dried.

What is the difference between insulated and non-insulated render?

Depending on the building requirements, there are two types of external wall render available.

  • External wall insulated render. External wall insulated render is used to specifically improve the insulation of homes. Whilst the thickness of the insulation depends on the relevant Building Regulation Standards, it can be applied to both new and existing homes. Enhancing the energy efficiency of properties, external insulation provides home owners with increased comfort and decreased energy bills.
  • External wall non-insulated render. External wall non-insulated render is used to reinforce the exterior of existing homes. Depending on the finishing requirements, non-insulated render can be used as a waterproofing solution, anti-fungal treatment, or graffiti removal option. For homes that already have adequate insulation, non-insulated render can also be used to redecorate the exterior of the property, adding significant curb-side appeal.

What are the different types of external wall render?

External wall render can be made of a variety of materials, each with different purposes and benefits.

  • Cement. Cement is the most traditional type of external wall render. By simply mixing cement and sand, cement render is the most cost-effective way of rendering the exterior of a property.
  • Lime. Lime render is considered the most flexible type of external wall render, making it less prone to cracking. Using lime render, home owners can achieve a more durable exterior finish.
  • Acrylic. Acrylic render is made by mixing acrylic resin into the render solution. It is commonly used for its water resistance, acting as an impermeable coating around a property.
  • Silicone. Silicone render is created by mixing silicone into cement render. The addition of silicone adds water resistant properties to the render, protecting external walls from the weather.

Where to buy external wall render?

At PX Store, we are leading suppliers of Parex products. With a wide range of external wall renders to choose from, we have a solution for all building requirements. Suitable for improving new homes or restoring old properties, we stock a portfolio of renders, mortars, and plaster coatings for exterior application.

If you place an order before midday it will be processed the exact same day, ensuring your external render products are with you as quickly as possible.

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