Hard Landscaping

Maximise the efficiency of your hard landscaping project. Our products have been specially formulated to be cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for all hard landscaping tasks.

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What is hard landscaping?

Hard landscaping refers to the structural elements of an outdoor space. This includes paths, kerbs, patios, driveways, and walls. Whereas soft landscaping refers to the natural materials of an outdoor space. This includes grass, plants, flowers, trees, hedges, and soil. When it comes to designing an outdoor space, it’s recommended that hard landscaping and soft landscaping are used to create a balance of visual design and functional use.

What are the elements of hard landscaping?

In order to create a hard landscape, a number of elements are required.

  1. Laying. The first element of hard landscaping is the material that will be laid, whether that be large paving slabs or small cobble stones. This material will impact the function and appearance of the space, forming the overall foundation of the landscape.
  2. Bedding. The second element is the material that will form the bedding. This ensures the ground is level and has enough support for the laying material to be installed. Bedding material is usually granular in nature, so that it can be spread and levelled with ease.
  3. Bonding. The third element is the material that will be used for bonding, which fixes the laying material into place. Mortar is often used for bonding and works to improve the adhesion, strength, and durability of the hard landscaped surface.
  4. Jointing. The final element to hard landscaping is jointing. The types of jointing systems include pouring mortar for wide gaps and injecting mortar for narrow spaces, creating a smooth finish for the hard landscape.

What are the benefits of hard landscaping?

Every outdoor space should make use of both hard and soft landscaping. However, there are a number of benefits to prioritising hard landscaping, particularly in small outdoor spaces.

  1. Accessibility. The installation of paths, ramps, and steps will greatly increase the accessibility of a space, allowing all users to make the most of the outdoor area.
  2. Functionality. The addition of a porch, patio, and seating area will improve the functionality of a garden, ensuring people can use the outdoor space all year round.
  3. Maintenance. The use of patio instead of grass will create an incredibly low-maintenance space, requiring very little upkeep throughout the year.

Where to buy hard landscaping supplies?

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