What is new build construction?

New build refers to the construction of new properties, whether that be houses or apartments. For a property to be classed as a new build, it needs to have never been owned or lived in.

What are common problems with new build properties?

While the majority of new build homes are constructed using traditional methods, it is becoming more common for new homes to be built with structural problems. This can cause significant stress for the people that buy these properties, who can have to pay significant amounts to repair the damage.

  • Cracks. The most common problem that occurs with new build homes is the development of settlement cracks. As the house settles into its foundations, it can cause cracks to develop on the walls, which can be alarming for the new owners. Fortunately, this isn’t a major structural issue and can be easily repaired with an epoxy-based construction mortar, such as Parex Epoxy Mortar E.
  • Insulation. In the past, new build homes were renowned for their impressive insulation. However, there are now increasing reports of new build homes having insufficient insulation, forcing homeowners to invest in additional measures. One of the most cost-effective solutions for people in this position is to have insulation applied to the exterior of the property. This can be done with an insulated render, such as Parextherm, protecting both the interior and exterior of new build construction properties.
  • Brickwork Pointing. For buyers of new build homes, it is expected that the exterior of their property will be finished to a high standard, with the pointing of brickwork being particularly important for the overall appearance of the property. Yet, some homeowners are being left disappointed with the finished result. Having brickwork repointed will provide homeowners with a clean finish, whilst ensure the longevity of the property. This can be completed with Parex Standard Mortar or  Parex Bond Coat, to ensure a long-lasting new build construction.

Where to buy new build construction supplies?

New build construction projects require a range of advanced materials, including construction mortars, renders and grouts. Parex have developed a selection of “industry standard” products, specifically for use during the construction of new build homes. From high-strength anchors to high-performing coatings, you can view our complete range of construction applications above.

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