Repair and Maintenance

Maintain the condition of concrete structures with our range of mortars, renders, and coatings. We stock a comprehensive collection of products for concrete repair, maintenance, and improvement projects.

How to repair and maintain a building

Both new and existing properties require ongoing maintenance, particularly if homeowners want to maintain the condition of their homes. Doing so will not only provide homeowners with a comfortable space to live in, but help to maintain the value of their homes ready for when they want to sell.

  • Concrete repair. One area of a property that requires particular attention to detail is the concrete and masonry. Abrasion is one of the most common forms of damage to concrete structures, with the potential for cracks to form if left untreated. For abrasion resistance, it is recommended that an epoxy-based coating is applied to the exterior of the concrete, which will protect against acids, alkalis, salts, alcohols, and hydrocarbons. However, if concrete is poorly maintained, concrete crack repair can be performed with an epoxy-based mortar such as Parex Epoxy Mortar E or Parex Epoxy Putty.
  • Render coatings. Weathering can have a significant impact on the external appearance and condition of a property. To avoid the risks that come with rainwater penetration, it is recommended that homeowners consider external wall rendering. This will not only protect the underlying walls of the property, but perform minor concrete repairs. External wall rendering can be completed with Parex Parlumiere STH or Parex Monorex GM.
  • Brick repointing. On older properties, it is important that homeowners maintain the mortar around the brickwork. Failing to keep an eye on the degradation of the mortar, can quickly lead to water penetrating the property, which would cause extensive damage and require expensive repairs. By simply repointing using a cement-based mortar, such as Parex Standard Mortar, homeowners can maintain the condition and appearance of their home.
  • Damp proofing. Damp proofing is a vital step for new and old properties, to protect homeowners from the risks that come with mould. Depending on the property requirements, damp proofing can be applied both internally and externally to prevent a build-up of moisture. For external application, Parex Paraguard or Parex Bond Coat can be used to create a water resistant surface. With hydrophobic properties, Parex Paraguard keeps external walls cleaner and drier, with any dirt, grime, or soil simply washing away with the rain.

Parex Repair and Maintenance Solutions

At PX Store, we are the UK’s leading suppliers of Parex products. Specially formulated for the refurbishment of buildings, we stock a complete range of mortars, renders and coatings which are suitable for use on new and existing homes. From waterproofing and repointing to grouting and rendering, view our selection of concrete maintenance products above.

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